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'Crook Back': an Australian colloquial term that means 'back pain'. If someone says, 'I've got a crook back', you know that have some sort of back pain.


If you've got a crook back, you've come to the right place. If you've got other joint and muscle pain - especially knees, hips and shoulders, we can give you good advice on the likely cause of the problem and how to fix it.

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The musculo-skeletal health program, designed to help you discover the likely causes of your

back pain - and fix it yourself.



No magic potions or pills; no rubbing, crunching, heating, icing, strapping, vibrating, shocking, hanging-upside-down, doping or surgery; just you doing the flexibility exercises that get your skeleton back into better alignment and doing the strength exercises that enable you to perform every day tasks without breaking down.

We believe that the method employed at the CrookBackClinic is the simplest and most cost effective way to relieve back pain.

We'll teach you to become your own therapist so you can do the exercises at home. The more often you do them and the longer you do them for, the higher the likelihood that you'll gain pain relief.


With back pain, in the sit-down-no stretch society it's frequently the case that over the weeks, months, years and decades, muscles gradually tighten up and move bones out of alignment. An incident may come along that tips you over the edge, turning what may have just been a twinge into full blown pain. Chances are you'll blame the incident - regardless of how trivial - instead of blaming the underlying condition of your skeleton.

That's the bad news.


The good news is that if muscles have taken your bones out of alignment there's a fair chance that with the right set of exercises, muscles can get your bones back into alignment.

What this means is that if you have generated the pain there's every likelihood that you can 'ungenerate' it.




The first thing we'll do when you attend a CrooKBackClinic is give you a clinical diagnostic assessment of the likely underlying cause(s) of your joint and muscle pain. It's a matter of assessing which muscles have taken your skeleton out of alignment.


To give you a clue visit the clinical diagnostic assessment page.



We'll teach you the exercises you need to do to get your skeleton back into better alignment. We'll teach you the strength exercises that will support your skeleton while going about every tasks (like lifting, propelling yourself and objects) without breaking down.

If the exercises recommended in the CrookBackClinic training program are done on a regular and systematic basis you should soon start to feel better as bones are drawn back into better alignment. A reduction in pain means you're getting back into better alignment.

If the exercises are accompanied by other passive, manipulative, therapeutic modalities, it's likely that the therapy will speed up the rehab process. However, when it comes to treating bones that are out of alignment, passive therapy will not take the place of the things your need to do for yourself.


At the CrookBackClinic we go as far as to say that for 80% of people there is an 80% chance that they can restore poor function to 80% of normal - in around 80 days if they do at least 80 minutes of exercises a day.
We'll provide you with an indication of what's causing your pain and teach you the strength and flexibility exercises you need to do to relieve it.


If we believe we can't help you we'll tell you straight out.



If, after giving the program your 'best shot' you find it doesn't work we'll refund your money. We'll be disappointed that we weren't able to help you.



Your 'best shot' means doing the exercises in the manner and time we suggest.

We recommend that our clients spend a couple of hours every day, on the floor in front of TV or reading a book - doing the exercises. That's what we believe it takes to stimulate the re-alignment process.

We'll prescribe you the exercises but we can't do them for you. This not a program you can subcontract out to someone else. You are the therapist. You have to do the exercises.

That's how simple the program is - just you giving your skeleton the time to gradually get back into better alignment.

All it involves is you spending time daily doing exercises that get your body back in alignment.

We don't sell expensive pills or crèmes. The CrookBackClinic process doesn't include rubbing, crunching heating, icing, strapping, vibrating, hanging-upside-down, doping or surgery, it's just you doing the exercises every day until the pain has gone - and then continuing to do a modified exercise routine to stop it coming back.


Oh, and there is one more catch, we can give you the exercises but we can't do them for you!


It's neither. How quickly you relieve your pain depends on

   how far your skeleton is out of alignment

   how long it's been out of alignment

   how often you're prepared to do the exercises

   how long each day you're prepared to do them.

Our minimum recommendation is a couple of hours a day. That's good. If you can spend more time, that's better.




The word 'arthritis' comes from two words; 'arthro', meaning bone and 'itis' meaning inflammation.


Joints are 'bearings' in between two bones.


If the bones are out of alignment, the ends of the bones start grinding on one another.


No amount of analgesic or 'joint food' will get bones back into alignment. You have to do that for yourself.


So at the first sign of pain, start doing the exercises that get the bones back into better alignment and start strengthening the muscles that move those bones.


Does that sound simple? Well it is. To just mask the pain means that poor function is becoming worse. Before you know it, you'll be under the knife.


Don't delay any longer, come and see us at the CrookBackClinic before it is too late.


If you want to talk to us about your problem, give us a call. If we're tied up with clients, leave a message and well call you back as soon as we can.

If you're convinced that this is the right treatment for you, book an appointment.

You've nothing to lose but your joint and muscle pain.



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Purchase our suite of musculo-skeletal health ebooks from Global Back Care.


In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and remember - it's a big ask expecting to get better by having someone do something to you, sooner or later you have to do something to yourself.






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