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The CrookBack Clinic Training Program is designed for those members of the fitness, medical and therapeutic professions who wish to enhance the effectiveness of their work in the treatment of personally-generated musculo-skeletal dysfunction.


In particular it promises to catapult members of the fitness industry and their fitness centres into the front line of primary health care.


If you believe that you have a role to play in helping people to understand the likely causes of their musculo-skeletal pain and a role in prescribing and supervising exercises designed to get people stronger, more flexible, back into better alignment and pain free, then read on.


The health of Australians is getting worse. More and more people are succumbing to one or more of the personally generated body system dysfunctions.


Probably the most common of the personally generated body system dysfunctions is musculo-skeletal dysfunction. In excess of 40% of people are putting up with constant pain and have no idea what's causing it or what they, themselves can do about it.


Many of these people are trying to solve what is ostensibly a fitness problem with medical, pharmaceutical and other therapeutic remedies. But being a fitness problem it requires a fitness solution. That means the prescription of both general and specific strength and flexibility exercises.


For some people the problem may be too far advanced for a strength and flexibility program to have much effect. In that case the recourse is to secondary and tertiary care for treatment. Fortunately that care is now readily available in the form of surgery, including the replacement of worn out joints.


But for the large proportion of people, caught before it is too late, the chances of getting the body back in better alignment pain free is now a reality.


Unfortunately the success of the non-fitness oriented modalities in treating it is limited by poor diagnosis of the cause, coupled with a lack of awareness of the role that strength and flexibility exercises play in restoring poor function to good.



Bodies lack the strength to do every tasks without breaking down.


Skeletons are out of alignment, ligaments, tendons and muscles are stretched beyond their pain threshold.



Lack of strength and flexibility.



Pain! Pain is the body's way of telling people something is wrong - in this case their body is out of alignment.


The pain is telling people to get their bodies back into alignment. Most people think it's a call to take another dose of panadeine or oxycodone!



Strengthen the weak muscles and loosen the tight muscles.


When the most significant proportion of musculo-skeletal dysfunctions can be attributed to bodies that are lacking in strength and flexibility, the CrookBack Clinic puts the diagnosis and treatment of these dysfunctions squarely into the fitness arena.


The principles on which the program is based are certainly not a branch of rocket surgery, just careful observation of the clues that point to the cause(s) of dysfunction and then the prescription of exercises to restore poor function to good.


In the palliative age there is always the tendency for people with musculo-skeletal dysfunction to blame something or someone external to themselves for their dysfunction. The CrookBackClinic sheets the blame home to a lack of strength and flexibility.


Plus there is always the urge to want someone else to do something to them to relieve the pain. That's nonsense, you can't sub contact out your own strength and flexibility training program.


In an age where the simple has become complicated and the cheap has become expensive, the CrookBackClinic stands out like a beacon attracting people to a centre where they can learn how to get their bodies back into alignment by improving their strength and flexibility.


If the exercises we recommend are done on a regular and systematic basis your clients should soon start to feel better. If the exercises are accompanied by other therapeutic modalities, there is a high likelihood that the therapy will speed up the rehab process. It will not, however take the place of the things people need to do for themselves.



The CrookBackClinic practitioner training program will equip you to determine some of the likely causes of common musculo-skeletal dysfunctions and teach you a range of exercises that you can prescribe to restore poor function to good. As function improves there is a high likelihood the pain will abate.


The length of the training programs is eight (8) hours during which participants will receive information about the treatment of musculo-skeletal dysfunction that they can use in their work.


The syllabus covers the information published in the Global Back Care suite of ebooks:



Participants will be give a download link to ebooks from which they will compile a folder and bring to the training session.


Participants will also be given the download link to the Clinical Diagnostic Assessment ebook.


On successful completion of an exam and the presentation of two video case studies participants will become a Registered CrookBackClinic Practitioner.


For a modest yearly fee your registration status will permit you to use the CrookBackClinic logo, hang out the CrookBack 'shingle' and advertise CrookBackClinic services to the public.


You will be able to conduct sessions one-on-one and also in classes.


You'll be supported in getting the CrookBackClinic side of your business up and running. Your clients will be directed to the CrookBack Clinic website where your location details will be publicized. You'll have access to advertising material which you can use to promote the program locally.


At the conclusion of the eight hour CrookBackClinic practitioner training program, you will:


have an appreciation of the likely causes of common musculo-skeletal complaints



be able to provide clients with a diagnosis of the likely cause of their joint and muscle pain



be able to draw up both general and specific exercise programs for their clients



teach your clients these exercises, one-on-one or in groups.



Having completed the training program, passed the exam and submitted two case-study videos you will become Registered Musculo-skeletal Health Practitioners.


This registration will allow you to use the CrookBackClinic branding in your business and conduct both one-on-one consultations and group exercise programs.


To register your interest forward a request for more information via the contact form.


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